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Promote your business, practice or event. 

Natural Awakenings of East Michigan offers the most targeted, cost-effective strategy to reach potential clients for you, whether it is in print, website or mobile.  Each month we reach East Michigan consumers in the Northern Detroit suburbs of Oakland, Macomb, Livingston and Genesee and Lapeer counties.

Feedback we received indicates our loyal readers are looking for the products and services offered by our advertisers as well as the national-quality articles, local news, events and other resources we offer. 

If you're in the healthy living/wellness niche, then your client is our reader.

On the surface, Natural Awakenings may seem like many other publications, both in and outside this market. Upon closer inspection, however, the differences are significant and lend to the strength and effectiveness that Natural Awakenings brings to any marketing and/or promotional strategy.

The 3 components of our marketing/advertising strategy are key in the effectiveness of any publication. The difference with Natural Awakenings of East Michigan lies in the depth and quality we provide in each of these areas. Nothing is left to chance in assuring that we provide the best quality magazine to the right audience, at the right time, and that we maximize potential for our advertisers using the various strategies we have continuously developed nationally since 1994 and, here in East Michigan, since 2003, the year we began publishing in this market.

Each month Natural Awakenings advertisers and writers provide the tools our readers need to assist them on their path to health, wellness and sustainability for themselves, their families and even pets. We feature articles by both nationally known authors and local professionals in the natural, integrative and complementary health, wellness and sustainability fields. Additionally, we provide news and events that are happening in our community—and around the globe. We encourage local professionals and experts to submit articles, news and other content that will educate and inform our readers and empower them to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. For more information on submitting articles, click here.

As an advertiser we will develop a program for you that includes one or more of the other Editorial / Content departments, such as NewsBriefsHealthBriefs and GlobalBriefsCommunity Spotlights, our Community Calendar of Events and if it makes sense for your business or practice, Feature Articles.

Each of these components can be evaluated, and those best suited for your needs recommended, in order to strategically magnify your presence in the magazine each month you advertise, then complementing and enhancing everything all other marketing you do–whether another Natural Awakenings service, or other marketing you already have in place. It all works together.

Our targeted distribution reaches over 40,000 affluent, well-educated and health-conscious reader-base each month, all of whom eagerly seek resources that will improve their health and well-being. We distribute through hundreds and hundreds of local distribution sites in Oakland, Macomb, Livingston and Greater Genesee/Lapeer counties. Typical locations would be your local health food stores, fitness centers, book stores, health care facilities, restaurants, practitioner's offices and wherever free publications are generally seen.

We also plan our circulation in a very strategic fashion, making sure that we have ample distribution in and around our advertisers. Distribution locations are closely monitored to make sure they "move the magazines" each month. Lackluster or poorly performing distribution locations, the main downfall of poorly managed distribution networks, are regularly "groomed" out of the route and replaced with new, more viable locations.

In short, not only is Natural Awakenings everywhere, but we know it's found in the most effective distribution locations to provide the best reader penetration in this region...creating more for qualified clients for our advertisers.

When we talk about your needs and goals, and you compare our rates—you will find they are the most reasonable and cost effective in our market, especially when using a CPM (cost per thousand) metric.

Advertising in Natural Awakenings also works much longer than in daily or weekly publications—and readers tell us they keep, refer back and share their copies of the magazine. This spaced "repetition" is key in assuring that we provide you consistent access to our readers, then number one ingredient to advertising success. 

Also of paramount importance to advertisers' success is a well-planned strategy, utilizing all of the "tools" in Natural Awakenings. This will result in the most effective approach to advertising and promoting your business, practice or special event. Without a well-designed strategy, advertisers (in any media type), are doing nothing more than just "dropping in" an ad, and hoping it works. It's a recipe almost guaranteed to produce poor results.

Our marketing and advertising consultation will guide you through the details of the planning process. Our layout and design department can assist in the creation  However, below we provide an overview of the various components from which a good strategy is developed.

At the core of any plan is Display Advertising. This would be a graphical or text based display type ad, ranging in size from Business Card to Full Page. Also available are pre-designed Packages, containing those components we have found work best and Event Packages for expos, festivals, fairs and other events. 

We have also discovered that listing your business or practice in the Natural Directory and/or Calendar of Events, in addition to regular display advertising, is a both complementary and effective way to gain exposure, and get seen from a somewhat different vantage point by the reader. In addition it gives you the ability to get "seen" twice (or more) in the same monthly issue if you're also running a display advertisement.

Then there is Website Advertising, Social Media Marketing, the Digital Editions of Natural Awakenings and events that we support and sponsor throughout the year with our MHLEvents efforts.

In summary, proper selection of these various offerings is at the core of any good marketing strategy. Now, when you speak with your Natural Awakenings Marketing Consultant, you will have a fair expectation of what to expect during that conversation and you will be able to better plan with your consultant.

Natural Awakenings of East Michigan is locally owned, locally produced and we are committed to supporting the Michigan economy...naturally!

For more information, pricing and to find out how you can put the power of Natural Awakenings to work for your business or practice, click here.



We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements contained on this website, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised.

The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your medical professional.

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